Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Cassandra Anne Grobbelaar...

On our blog today we have a special message and photos from one of our brides Cassandra Anne Grobbelaar. Cassandra got married on the 27th of October 2012 in her beautifull dress Trieste by White one by Pronovias Group.

Congratulations Cassandra and it was such a pleasure working with you. It was such an honour to have shared the experience with you. You are a beautifull person with the kindest heart. You really looked amazing on you wedding day and we wish you all the joy and happiness that life can bring to you and your husband. May you live happilly ever after....

Now for a message from Cassandra and then the amazing pictures to follow.

Dearest Este and Nicola, 
3 months down the line, I find myself in Bloemfontein, happily married and wishing it could all begin again! 
 When I came to your store, I was not sure what I was looking for in a dress. My bridesmaids where of little helped as they loved everything that I tried on! :) I had a vague image in my mind of a soft, romantic, fairy like wedding. I wanted to be outside, relaxed but with a hint of formality (my husband is an Airforce pilot and was to be married in uniform). I love lace and flowers and all things pretty. My wedding, I knew, was going to be laid back but with very unique touches that reflected me and my fiance. Now I just needed the dress to match my scattered ideas! 
I must have tried on every dress the could and could not fit. But it was the last one, that truly made me smile. When I think back now, it was the last dress obviously because it was "the one" but it was the last of the choices I had to try on. And it was two sizes too big. It was soft and romantic and totally me. It had just a tiny bit of a sparkle, a touch of lace and lots and lots of WOW!
And it suited me to a tee! 
Nicola and Este, thank you for being so accommodating, I changed my mind a few times on things I wanted done to the dress but in the end it was perfect as is. I think my dress rounded off my wedding perfectly and it is one of the best reminders of that special day. I can't wait till I have a room big enough to hang it from the wall. That way I can see it everyday, and remember the special time leading up to my wedding, and the entire day I got to be in it. 
You are two very special ladies, and I can only hope each and every bride feels as special as I did. Your new studio looks amazing, I will have to get remarried in order to spend more time there! :p
The pics really don't do the dress justice, but I hope they can try. 
Best of luck for the future and everyday be a testament to your successes. 

Kind regards,

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